Walpole – a preserved prehistoric wetland landscape in Somerset

tip of a wooden stake

Tip of a wooden stake from Structure 7

Wooden structures in the saltmarsh to the west of the site have been preserved due to the waterlogged conditions. They include trackways made of wooden stakes and planks which date to the early Neolithic. View the catalogue of worked wood.

The round ditch in Area 9

The round ditch in Area 9 after excavation

The buried island is an outcrop of Lias bedrock, which was surrounded by saltmarsh during the Neolithic and then the sea before becoming completely submerged probably during the Iron Age. Finds from the island surface have included a large grain storage pit, a mysterious rounded ditch, preserved hoofprints of wild animals, and environmental evidence for an earlier, wooded landscape.


See our poster about the site, presented at the Theoretical Archaeology Group conference at Bournemouth University, December 2013.

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