Beckery Island Regeneration Trust (No 5518679)
Glastonbury Town Hall,
Somerset BA6 9EL

01458 831769

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  1. steveo on said:

    hi im writing to u to let you know about a project that i feel inspired to start..i have contacted a few different organisations whom i feel it is relevant including bocabar and wildlife trust.
    Basically the doves that know live on beckery island will eventually be evicted from their know safe havens from predators and being hunted in the wild.I believe without the safe haven that they have been liveing in they may not survive as a flock…i am proposeing that we build three dovecotes as they are being evicted from at least three buildings…i believe that not only can we save the doves at the same time it can be an important break through for glastonbury as the doves are symbols of peace, especially with what is going on in these modern times people still need hope that one day peace may prevail..i believe the doves symbolise this and at very least could make the beckery island a lot more attractive to tourism etc..thsi is my first attempt at contact with you so i will keep it short and sweet look forward to your reply..

    yours sincerly s.garnett..

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