Iron Age Palaeochannel at Dimmer, near Castle Cary, Somerset 2001

An Archaeological Excavation of an Iron Age Paleochannel within the Southern Extension of the Dimmer Landfill Site, near Castle Cary, Somerset An Iron Age Palaeochannel at Dimmer, near Castle Cary, Somerset

A wide, shallow (ca.22 metres wide and up to 2 metres deep) and slow moving watercourse or paleochannel running through the floodplain of the River Cary silted up and was re-cut in the Middle-Iron Age. Silting continued, however, and by the Late-Iron Age the watercourse was no longer draining the surrounding land, at which time a number of artificial drainage ditches were cut along it’s course.
These ditches also silted up and by the 2nd century A.D. the paleochannel was sealed by larger flooding episodes. The Back Brook might be the successor to the paleochannel, cut at a later date but when the route of the paleochannel was still waterlogged and obvious.
An archaeological excavation of a natural paleochannel and investigations of a series of artificial ditches cut through the paleochannel, recovered pottery sherds and animal bone fragments. The pottery sherds indicated that the environs.

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